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Archive of plays from the english theatre of hamburg

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SNAKE IN THE GRASS by Alan Ayckbourn

3 September – 31 October 2020  Well known for his hilarious comedies, this play shows Ayckbourn entering new territory for a change and doing it brilliantly. Result: a suspenseful thriller with murder, blackmail, wind chimes that mysteriously play themselves, power cuts, threatening sounds – and all spiced with Ayckbourn’s classic British humour. The play is…

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Classic Blues Women – Americas first Royalty Starring Joanne Bell with Hans Malte Witte Touching, funny, sarcastic and informative. The amazing Joanne Bell, seen before in “Bessie and Billie”, “Porgy and Bess” and “Ain’t Missbehaving” takes you on an entertaining journey through some of the orgin’s of Blues music. The actress singer portrays some of…

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FUNNY BUSINESS by Derek Benfield

Direction: Robert Rumpf If you like hilarious farce with a sophisticated plot, then this British offering is for you. The fun begins when Ferris takes over the management of his sister’s shady hotel while she is on holiday. Little does he know that a newspaper critic will soon appear anonymously to evaluate the hotel. He…

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