Support Ticket

Dear Guests

Even though we actually have to, we have decided against increasing the ticket price. But if you have the opportunity to support us, you can decide for yourself which ticket price you would like to pay. In the shopping cart, choose between the normal price ticket or the support ticket.

We would also like to remind you again that purchased tickets cannot be returned.



Liebe Gäste,
auch wenn wir es eigentlich müssen haben wir uns gegen eine Erhöhung des Ticketpreises entschieden. Wenn Sie aber die Möglichkeit haben uns zu unterstützen können Sie selbst entscheiden, welchen Ticketpreis Sie zahlen möchten. Wählen Sie im Warenkorb zwischen dem Normalpreis-Ticket oder dem Support-Ticket.

Außerdem möchten wir daran erinnern, dass bereits gekaufte Tickets nicht erstattet werden können.

You’re planning a trip to the ETH and want to check out your seating options? Sure, no problem.

If you need more information and have questions about your stay, please contact our office (+49 40/2277089) or send a mail to

We’re looking forward seeing you!

Tuesday – Thursday

on weekdays

€ 32,00 – Category 1

€ 29,50 – Category 2

€ 22,00 – Category 3

Friday – Sunday

on weekends

€ 35,00 – Category 1

€ 32,50 – Category 2

€ 25,00 – Category 3


Only available via phone or email

Students up to age 27

price categories 2 & 3

€ 15,00 (Tuesday –Thursday)

€ 16,00 (Friday and Saturday)

Student groups (10 students and more)

price categories 2 & 3

€ 13,00 (Tuesday –Thursday)

€ 14,00 (Friday and Saturday)

Other Discount Options

Save on a purchase in categories 1 & 2

The following amount will be subtracted from the normal price.


Groups of 4 – € 2,50

Groups of 10 and more – € 5,00

Groups of 50 and more – € 9,50

Pensioners – € 2,50

Pensioners on Sunday 2:30 pm – € 5,00

Handicapped people aG/G – € 2,50

Handicapped people B – 50% on full price


The theatre and the building it is set in are wheelchair accessible.

The Hammonia Bad has a ground level entrance that can be accessed over the parking area. To arrive on the first floor please use the elevators to your right.

For any further questions, please contact our box office!

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