10 November 2022 – 7 January 2023

Is navigating the path of love ever easy? It definitely isn’t for the two middle-aged loners in this charming American play. Billed as a “reluctant romantic comedy;” the play focuses on musicologist Charles and the poetess Isabel who moves into the apartment next to him. He has stubbornly avoided all romantic entanglements, occupying himself with work, his books, and the frequent food visits from his mother, who calls herself “the soup fairy”: Isabel, newly divorced and toying with suicide, has only her visiting father for company. Charles and Isabel gradually develop a somewhat tenuous friendship while resisting the hints and suggestions of their single, meddling parents who try to push them closer together. Can love possibly blossom under these unlikely circumstances? And meanwhile, are the parents themselves, unbeknownst to their kids, starting a romance of their own?


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