“Give a dog a woman’s name and you begin to think of it as a woman,” says one of the characters in this charming American comedy. And that is exactly what happens to Greg who brings home from the park, fleas and all, a stray dog named Sylvia (played on Broadway by Sarah Jessica Parker). Sylvia immediately establishes herself as Greg’s constant companion. She does what dogs do: she loves him unconditionally. She is playful, adores to be petted and scratched, and hangs on his every word. A dog is just what middle-aged Greg, who is losing interest in his job and not coping well with the challenges of middle-age, seems to need at this stage in his life. His wife Kate, on the other hand, quickly recognizes Sylvia as a rival for Greg’s affections and a threat to their marriage. Since the dog is played by an attractive young actress, the parallel to a man in mid-life crisis with a lover right under his wife’s nose is unmistakable. Soon Greg must choose between wife and dog. It is not an easy decision for him. Even the advice of friends and a therapist, whose gender is not certain, seems unable to cure Greg of his fascination with Sylvia.