STAGE STRUCK opens in the living room of one Robert Simon, a failed actor, but at one time a first-rate stage manager. Without any money of his own, he now keeps house for Anne, his successful West End actress-wife, and supports this rich, ambitious woman in every way possible. But she, believing him to have often been unfaithful to her, announces she is turning him out of her life and their home. With the help of Herman, the young tenant from a cottage at the bottom of the garden, she concocts a complicated plot to obtain grounds necessary for a divorce, involving the use of an apparent psychoanalyst, in reality a private detective. Robert, however, calling on his skill at stage-managing effects, works out a bizarre means of teaching them a lesson, after which he intends to walk out of her life with dignity. He does not know, however, of Herman’s part in the plot—and the final moments of the play give several grim twists to events as the “little game