MEN’S SINGLES is an amusing as well as revealing look at the friendship of three modern American males. Every Tuesday night, Rob, an advertising executive in his twenties, gets together with either Larry, a macho salesman in his mid-thirties, or Kurt, a psychiatrist in his early thirties, for a tennis match. Rob, a New Yorker, yearns for marriage but is in love with a woman who has been offered a job in Los Angeles and wants him to move there with her. Larry, a self-confessed male chauvinist, has tired of marriage to his high school sweetheart and longs to feel free again. Kurt is gay and, after two live-in lovers and countless one-night stands, is trying his first relationship with a woman, in the hope of finding stability at last. Will Rob decide to put love and marriage ahead of his career? Will Larry have second thoughts about a break-up with his wife?  And what about Kurt? Will he succeed with a woman even though he is attracted to men? By the end of the play, having advised each other and quarreled about problems with women, jobs and just staying alive, the three come to recognize the true nature of friendship, its value and its limits. And the audience comes to know, and care about, three unique human beings who, at last, may have matured a bit and found a sense of direction for their lives.