CORPSE!, a comedy-thriller, was originally premiered at the American Stage Festival Theatre, Milford, New Hampshire, USA in 1983. Critics were lavish in their praise of the play both in terms of comedy and suspense. In 1984 it was presented in London at the Apollo Theatre with Keith Baxter and Milo O’Shea in the starring roles. The production transferred to Broadway to the Helen Hayes Theatre in 1985. It has subsequently been presented all over the world: Sweden, Denmark, Japan, South Africa, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain. A six-month tour of Australia culminated in a smash-hit opening in Sydney, where it ran for ten months. America and the U.K. have seen Number One tours. The U.K. tour was directed by the author who also took over the lead role from Colin Baker (Dr. Who) when the play went into the West End for the second time in its history at the Strand Theatre in 1988. Mr. Moon also directed and played the twin roles in productions at The Redgrave Theatre, Farnham; The Repertory Theatre, Dundee; and The Byre Theatre, St. Andrews, Scotland. The Mill Theatre, Sonning, saw a successful production in the autumn of 1994. A Number One tour of Germany was seen in 1993. This German language production starring Folker Bohnet and Helen Vita was directed by Robert Rumpf, who had previously directed the first production of the play in Germany (in English) in 1987 at The English Theatre of Hamburg. He later directed the play again at The English Theatre of Hamburg in 1995. It is by popular demand that Robert is directing it for the fourth time as the final play of the 2006/2007 Season.

“The play is wheels within wheels, executed with quartz accuracy. The sparkling, ingenious plot twists and turns like a bent, but plucky corkscrew. You’ll die laughing.