10 February – 10 April 2022

Author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning DOUBT and the Oscar-winning MOONSTRUCK, American playwright John Patrick Shanley drew upon his Irish roots to write this dramatic, romantic comedy which was nominated for a Broadway Tony Award in 2014. Set in rural Ireland, it focuses on Anthony and Rosemary who have lived on neighboring farms all their lives and watched their families fight bitterly over a piece of land. She has been secretly in love with him since they were kids, but stubbornly thinks he should make the first move. He, already wounded in love, lacks the courage and self-confidence to try again. Now nearing middle age, they are thrown into a crisis when Anthony’s father threatens to sell the farm to a nephew rather than leave it to him. How he and Rosemary cope with their fraught relationship in this new situation is both deeply moving and very funny. Dare they take a chance on love? 


DIE AUSWÄRTIGE PRESSE, 22 FEBRUARY 2022 “Look forward to meeting Nora Connolly as witty, snappish Aoife Muldoon, Seamus Newham playing sly, feisty Tony Reilly, pretty red-haired Catherine Deevy in the role of vivacious headstrong Rosemary Muldoon, and last but not least Brian Tynan as shy, introverted Anthony Reilly. A great performance with four Irish actors speaking their native idiom.”

HAMBURGER ABENDBLATT, 14 FEBRUARY 2022 “Die Hamburger Premiere von „Outside Mullingar“ überzeugt vor allem mit einem detailverliebten Bühnenbild, mit hingebungsvollen Schauspielerinnen und Schauspielern und den irischen Klängen, die bereits zu Beginn Lust auf mehr machen. Die ulkige Geschichte lädt zum Lachen, Mitfiebern und Zurücklehnen und die irische Musik zum Mitwippen ein.”

GANZ-HAMBURG.DE, 13 FEBRURAY 2022 “Das höchst sehenswerte Stück unter der Regie von Clifford Dean” ist “komisch und gleichzeitig zutiefst berührend”

COUCH THEATRE, 10 FEBRUARY 2022 “A great production with superb acting.”