In this fast moving British comedy Jim invites his super moral American boss and wife to dinner. Since the boss insists that his employees be married if they are living together, Jim asks his live-in girlfriend, Helen, to pose as his wife for the evening. The request infuriates Helen who has been waiting for ages for Jim to marry her. Sshe storms out of the flat leaving Jim with no wife to present to his boss. He immediately phones a series of former girlfriends, but not one of them is willing to help him out. His pretty young secretary Terri, who is infatuated with Jim, would adore being his wife for an evening, but she is otherwise engaged. In desperation, Jim makes the disatrous mistake of paying his eccentric cleaning lady Edna to play his wife, cook a meal and make conversation of a religious nature with the guests. Then more trouble for Jim arises when Helen, having undergone a change of heart, turns up, followed by Terri – both claiming to be his wife as well!