MURDER IN GREEN MEADOWS was first produced in 1986 as a one-act teleplay, as part of the NBC Chicago Playwrights Festival, in a cooperative venture between WMAQ-TV and the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago, Illinois. It received its world premiere as a full length two-act play at the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton, England in 1992. The American premiere of the play took place in 1995 at the Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago. The English Theatre of Hamburg is proud to present the first production of the play in Germany. In this gripping thriller Thomas Devereaux, a successful architect, and his beautiful wife, Joan, have just moved into the suburb of Green Meadows and a friendship develops with their neighbors, Carolyn and Jeff Symons. But underneath the friendly exterior, something is truly rotten. A previous affair between Joan and a young man is revealed, as is the fact that Thomas may have murdered his wife’s youthful lover. To make matters worse, an affair has begun to develop between Joan and Jeff Symons. Thomas lets Joan know that he is aware of this new betrayal, and his violent, possessive nature surfaces. He makes two demands of his wife: one, she must stop seeing Jeff; two, she must kill him.

“It spins a web of deception, sex, murder and mind games as two suburban couples discover their darker sides.