PERFECT WEDDING is a rare combination of riotous farce and touching love story. It has already provoked waves of laughter across Europe and America. Bill wakes up in the bridal suite on his wedding day to find an extremely attractive girl in bed beside him. In his hangover state he cannot remember who she is or where he met her.  Unknown to him, she is actually his best man’s girlfriend. Before he can get her out of the room, his best man and bride-to-be arrive. With the girl hidden in the bathroom, the crisis escalates when the mother of the bride appears. Bill soon has the girl pretending to be the chambermaid, and the chambermaid masquerading as the girl, all in an attempt to cover up his pre-marital infidelity. The situation gets more and more complicated as lies lead to more lies. Friendships and loyalties are tested to the breaking point, and it looks like the wedding will be called off. Which might not be a bad idea since Bill has never been entirely convinced that Rachel, his bride-to-be, is the right partner for him. Should he give in to the societal pressures driving him toward marriage, or follow his heart and run off with the girl he spent the night with?