During a summer day in the English country-side, Vivie Warren, a young Cambridge graduate, learns that her mother is a madam in the oldest profession in the world. She is horrified. Her entire education and luxurious life-style have been financed by her mother’s string of brothels on the Continent! Mrs Warren struggles to win her daughter’s respect and love by describing the awful social and economic conditions of nineteenth-century England that forced her and other women into prostitution. But Vivie is not easily convinced. At the same time she must deal with two gentlemen who are in love with her, one in his twenties, the other in his fifties. This British classic, by one of the greatest playwrights in the English language, was banned from the London stage for its scandalous content when first produced in 1894.  Today it is applauded for its critical view of the status of women in society.