This long-running Broadway comedy (also a popular film) is not only about a love affair taking place once a year. It is also a reflection of 25 years of American morals and attitudes mirrored in the changing lives and personalities of its two characters. George picks up Doris in a California restaurant in 1951, and they agree to meet in a nearby inn once each year. They are both happily married—to other people—have children and remain loyal to their spouses except for their yearly brief encounter. Six scenes take place over a period of 25 years. The scenes are spaced five years apart, ending in 1975. George is at first a guilt-ridden, neurotic accountant becoming increasingly stuffy and rich. He gives it all up, goes into psychiatric analysis, joins therapy groups, becomes a latter-day hippie and finally returns to the Establishment. Doris starts as an awkward girl, then becomes progressively a young, restless housewife, a college student returnee, over-aged flower child, career woman and finally settled matron. Their changes, however, never synchronize—making for poignant drama as well as hilarious comedy.


DORIS| Di Wilson

GEORGE | John Walther