Belinda and Premiered recently in the USA where it received the prestigious Edgar Allan Poe Award for crime fiction, this fast moving, witty thriller is sure to keep you on the edge ofyour seat until the veryend.  Camille Dargas, a highly successful jewelery designer in her 40s, asks a waiter at a party in her New York apartment to stay the night.  The next morning, the young man, who calls himself Billy, refuses to leave. Not even a large amount of cash for his services will persuade him to go. It soon becomes clear that Billy is connected in some way to Camille’s past and has other plans for her. When he threatens to blackmail her with a video of their intimate night together, Camille calls her security guard Ted. Will he actually remove Billy, or is he somehow in league with the young man? The situation escalates beyond Camille’s worst fears and she finds herself trapped in a cruel charade which forces her to reveal the dark secrets of her past.