GAMEPLAN is a humorous depiction of a teenager who uses the internet without parental supervision. It takes place in Lynette Saxon’s London apartment overlooking the River Thames. After Lynette and her husband lose all their money in the computer industry and he runs away with another woman, Lynette tries hard to support herself and her teenaged daughter by working as a cleaning woman while waiting for something better to come along. Sorrel, her strong-willed daughter, decides to come to the rescue. She thinks she is old enough to know what she is doing, but she clearly is not. Sorrel decides to help her mother with the finances by setting herself up as a call girl in the family flat. Without her mother’s knowledge, she secretly uses the internet to advertise, and she persuades her immature school friend, Kelly, to act as her assistant. Sorrel’s first (and last) client is a somewhat nervous middle- aged man. All the excitement is too much for him. He has a heart attack and drops dead in the living room. Now the horrified girls have to get rid of the corpse so that their money making scheme is not exposed. Together they manage to dump the corpse into the River Thames. Two weeks later a detective and a policewoman arrive who suspect that Lynette, not Sorrel, has something to do with a corpse being found in the Thames, but they realise that they do not have enough evidence to connect her with what happened. They leave, but warn Lynette that they will be watching what she does in the future. Lynette finds out what her daughter has done, but decides to protect her by letting the police think that she (Lynette) is the guilty one. Before long a reporter from a tabloid magazine arrives and offers to pay Lynette a lot of money for the story of her fall from riches in the computer industry to office cleaner and finally call girl. Knowing that the story will quickly be forgotten as soon as it is published, Lynette agrees to let the reporter print it, but only on the condition that she is paid much more than he originally offers. She explains that she will reveal details of her private life only if it will ensure her daughter’s future. The reporter leaves to discuss the matter with his boss. Lynette gets a bottle of champagne ready to celebrate if the reporter returns with good news. Soon there is a knock on the door and Lynette goes to answer it as the stage lights go to blackout.