How dThis touching, yet funny play is set in a Pennsylvania coal town. Single mom, Miriam Waslyk, works as a waitress, but it is her painting that matters most to her. She would like some male companionship, but, so far, her precocious daughter, Amanda (13), has driven away anyone that might come between her and her mother, leaving Miriam torn between love for her daughter and happiness with a good man. Growing up as an only child has been difficult for Amanda, and now she has to deal with her mom’s new boyfriend, Warren Zimmerman, a kind and understanding local postman. At such critical times, Amanda always talks to her handsome imaginary friend Randolph, who appears only to her (and the audience), and is very adept at helping Amanda chase away her mother’s suitors. But this time, Amanda and Randolph have met their match in Warren who beats them at their own game. Surprisingly resourceful, Warren is able to wean Amanda away from dependence on her IQ of 160 and from her charming, imaginary friend, Randolph.