How many insults can you hear before you stand up for the women you love? Tom, a young business executive, meets Helen, an intelligent, funny, but overweight librarian. They date and fall in love, but Helen`s plus-size causes trouble for Tom back in his office. His best friend and colleague, Carter, treats the relationship as a ridiculous joke and tries to end it, believing that Tom and other attractive people should “run with their own kind.” Meanwhile Jaennie, whom Tom has dated occasionally, treats his new interest in the “fat bitch” as a personal insult. Will Tom have the courage, in spite of social pressure, to continue seeing Helen? Or will he bow to the relentless criticism and mockery of his peers and break off the relationship?

FAT PIG is the wimmer of the Outer Critics Circle Award for `Outstanding Off-Broadway Play`, and was nominated for the Olivier Award for `Best New Comedy`. It is a touching love story dealing with our obsession with physical appearance and our discomfort with difference.

`This contemporary American play is “beautifully written, hilarious, up-to-the-minute relevant.” (New York Post)