Hamburg, November 13, 2023 – Swedish director Paul Glaser was recently awarded the prestigious “Theaterpreis Hamburg” in the best director category for the play “The Pride”. He has been the artistic director of the English Theatre of Hamburg since 2017 and has since brought a number of critically acclaimed productions to the stage, including his acclaimed work on “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.

“The Pride”, a moving production from the 2022/23 season that addresses themes such as identity, love and social challenges, not only won over the audience, but also the expert jury of the renowned Rolf Mares Theater Prize. Paul Glaser’s production was judged outstanding in the directing category, with Glaser impressing with his creative approach, flair for detail and ability to bring profound emotions to life on stage.

With his extensive experience from his successful career as a singer, actor, dancer and composer, Paul Glaser is extremely creative and impressive in realizing his visions as a director. The recognition by the Hamburg Theatre Award not only underlines his outstanding performance in “The Pride”, but also honors his impressive theater career to date.

Glaser, who has already directed in London’s West End, has proven himself a master of his craft and his seamless transition from stage to director’s chair has been appreciated by critics and audiences alike.

His productions are characterized by a unique aesthetic and a deep understanding of the subject matter, which has led to a multitude of positive reviews. The Hamburger Abendblatt has already described him as a genius director, while other newspapers have called him a master puppeteer. These awards not only reflect Glaser’s individual talent, but also testify to his remarkable contribution to the world of theater.

The Rolf Mares Theater Prize, named after the famous German actor Rolf Mares, is awarded annually to outstanding artists in the field of theater in Hamburg. The award recognizes special achievements and artistic excellence in various categories, including directing, acting and stage design.