The Swedish group CORPO presents jazz with a great sense of harmony. Five strong personalities create their own unique and exciting music that expands and constantly evolves. It is music from the north, but with thoughts of southern latitudes, reflective and expressive – rhythm plays a central role.

CORPO has been working as a group since 1992 and has toured Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, and Luxembourg. In September 1999, the band made a very successful trip to South Africa. The African audience appreciated the Corpo mix of Nordic melodies and African percussion. In the meantime, the band can also point to half a dozen successful recordings.

A concert with the band is a chance to see a musical performance that needs no “show or glitter,” just music that conjures up landscapes in the mind of the open-minded listener. Together, the musicians create music that permeates. The various melodies are constantly changing, shifting rhythms and layers. All band members convincingly convey their themes. Rich, intense, rhythmic, and with humor. 

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