SNAKE IN THE GRASS – a Thriller by Alan Ayckbourn

3 September – 31 October 2020 

Well known for his hilarious comedies, this play shows Ayckbourn entering new territory for a change and doing it brilliantly. Result: a suspenseful thriller with murder, blackmail, wind chimes that mysteriously play themselves, power cuts, threatening sounds – and all spiced with Ayckbourn’s classic British humour. The play is set in an English garden with three women moving around in it. Since a real snake never appears in the garden, the question becomes: who could fit that description? Is it Annabel, who’s deceased father has left his entire fortune to her? A more likely suspect is her sister, Miriam, who has given up her life caring for Daddy and feels she has not got what she deserves. And then there’s their father’s nurse, Alice, who claims she knows who murdered the old man and is prepared to reveal it to the police, unless… 

„A hilarious, dark delight.“
– Entertainment and the Arts 

„Subtle and powerful.“
– Guardian